June 17th, 2016 by admin

OMG, just look at this amazing dick pic!


Or this one:


Did you see all of the dick pics?

Are you laughing your ass off?

I just discovered this Tumblr, and I can’t get enough of it. Besides being funny and creative, there’s something endearing about a man not afraid to poke a bit of fun at his dick.

I find it refreshing. Too many men seem to want women to take their dicks oh so seriously.

My husband’s ability to laugh at his own cock (as well as various mishaps during sex) has always been endearing to me.

By contrast, my previous boyfriend gave me a panicked, stricken look when I first saw him naked – a look that screamed “Please don’t laugh at me.” I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling.

Just about every woman who’s spent time on a dating site has received an unsolicited dick pic – or seen one as a guy’s profile picture. Most of us don’t appreciate it.

I’ve actually never met a penis in person that I didn’t like, but I’m more interested in the guy attached to it. I want to get to know him a little before I look at his cock.

Plus, when a man “leads with his dick,” women get the impression he doesn’t want to put the time or effort into getting to know her. He just wants her to ride the ride.

But I have to say I love Little Guy, the star of Things My Dick Does. (The man attached to Little Guy shows a healthy amount of self-confidence just giving his penis that nickname.)

He’s just – shall I say it? Adorable. I can’t wait to see what he’ll get up to next.

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