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Sex is an important factor in any romantic relationship and as such it is a sector that deserves an adequate amount of focus committed to it by both parties. Though there are more aspects to a relationship than sexual activity, it can still play a large role in maintaining the romance levels that exists between couples. There are a number of elements that can be used to judge the kind of love life that a couple enjoys, such as the frequency with which they engage in sexual activity, the pleasure derived from this activity by both parties, and the anticipation that remains for those involved when it comes to sexual encounters. Ensuring that the fire does not die down in this department can be easier said than done, especially when a couple has been together for a long period of time. One great way to keep the fire burning, so to speak, can be through surprising one’s boyfriend every now and then with regard to sexual matters.

A sexual surprise in this case can refer to the addition of a new element in a couple’s love life when it comes to sexual encounters. This addition does not necessarily have to be something that one’s partner has never even thought of, and could be the simple inclusion of an activity that the couple has never tried before, or do not do quite often. These surprises could install a level of spice to the bedroom, enhancing the amount of pleasure that the couple is able to enjoy.

Some of the things that an individual is able to do in order to surprise their boyfriend sexually can include but are not limited to:

Exploring New Positions

There are usually a number of positions that a person’s boyfriend may have wanted to try at one point or another, but did not get the opportunity due to the reluctance of their partner. A great way to sexually surprise one’s boyfriend is through offering to try these positions after all, if only to see if it is enjoyable. This surprise can work both ways as one might find out that despite their initial hesitance, they end up liking these new methods once they have experienced it. It should be noted that these positions do not have to be wild, Kamasutra inspired approaches, and could be a simple encounter that one has never tried before. One can also choose to conduct a research on new positions they might not have been aware of, before implementing their newfound knowledge in bed. Should one take the latter approach, they will need to be reasonably sure that the position in question is something that their boyfriend would enjoy.

Wearing a Sexy Costume

Playing dress-up should not be limited to Halloween functions and costume parties alone, as the inclusion of a sexy outfit can be a great way to stimulate the love life of a couple. One can choose to greet their boyfriend at the door in a sexy teacher costume, naughty nurse getup, or anything else that is likely to turn their partner on.
Sexual surprises can be a great way to maintain the fire in a relationship, and something that everyone should take into consideration every now and then.

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Discovering that your girlfriend has been lying or cheating can be one of the most humiliating, gut-wrenching and awful experiences any guy can experience.
The emotional pain and feelings of betrayal can be so strong and so overwhelming that you lose all sense of what to do. It can be easy to lose control if youre not careful and, unfortunately, dealing with a lying or cheating girlfriend demands that you are clear-headed and in-control so you deal with it in the best way possible.
Read on to learn how to deal with a lying and cheating girlfriend in the best way possible and avoid the common mistakes most men make.

0581) Get some distance from the situation.
If you find out that your girlfriend has lied or cheated, it can be very easy for your emotions to take you over and make a rash move. As a man, when you are overwhelmed by emotion you will seldom make a good decision.
Instead, tell your girlfriend that you need space from her and that youll talk to her when youre ready. At this point, its better that you dont give any reasons why other than that you need to get your head straight and that you need space for the sake of the relationship.
If she cares about you, your feelings and the relationship, she will give you the space that you need.
When it comes to getting your feelings worked out, your girlfriend will be the last one youd want to be in contact with. Give yourself a week apart without contact with her to work things out.

2) Get some perspective.
If you have close friends or family that you trust, talk to them about the situation. Vent to them as much as you need and listen to what they have to say. Sharing your feelings with people who care about you, especially other guys who genuinely support you, can be incredibly helpful in giving you clarity into how to handle your relationship situation.
Additionally, journal your thoughts about your relationship and your girlfriend situation. Get it all out and journal every day for the week that you are not speaking with your girlfriend.
Writing in a journal can feel uncomfortable or difficult at first, but once you get started its easy. You will have a much clearer mind and the solution will easily present itself when you have mental clarity. Writing in your journal is the quickest, easiest path to getting mental clarity.
Just hanging out with friends can be a great way to take your mind off of your lying and cheating girlfriend troubles. Sometimes the best way to deal with relationship troubles is to take your mind off them completely for a while too.
Combining these two strategies of focusing hard on your thoughts and feelings about your relationship and then taking your mind off of your relationship completely is a really powerful way to free yourself from the crushing emotional pressures and get perspective on how to resolve your girlfriends lying or cheating behaviors.

3) Have an honest conversation with her.
Once you have taken a week to get mental clarity and perspective, its time to talk to your girlfriend.
This is not easy. Overwhelming emotions may come up for you that will be hard to deal with as you talk about your relationship with her. She may have trouble talking about it as well.
Give yourself permission to feel any pain or emotions that come up. You do not need to pretend to be some kind of emotionless super man relationships can be emotional and fighting your emotions will drain you of valuable energy and mental clarity. If you can just accept and allow your emotions to happen as they feel throughout the conversation, you will be able to maintain your mental clarity.
Find out if she wants this relationship with you. At this point, it would be best to ask her directly if she still wants to be in this relationship with you. Before you can move forward, you need to know whether or not you are on the same page.

1024) Figure out her reasons for her lying and cheating behavior.
Relationships involve two people nobodys perfect and when a relationship is having problem, both you and your girlfriend share the responsibility for how your relationship is now.
When a woman lies to or cheats on her boyfriend, it can leave a lasting scar on how he feels about the future of his relationship with her or with any woman in the future.
But this lasting scar can be avoided by understanding why things happened the way they did. If you can give your girlfriend the space to explain herself without you jumping in, interrupting or verbally attacking her, you will gain insight and understanding into what you can do to avoid this ever happening again.
It can be difficult to keep a clear head during a conversation like this, but remember: The understanding you gain here will help you avoid having a lasting emotional scar and will help you have better relationships going forward.
Be prepared to hear some things that you wont want to hear. Give her the space and permission to say how she really feels there may be things she blames you for or things she felt were your fault.
When it comes to a conversation like this, no amount of arguing, fighting or blaming will help you. Theres no way to be right in a conversation like this your only real option is to understand what led you and your relationship here so that you can avoid it in the future.

5) Clearly state your terms.
If you both decide that you want to continue your relationship, then clearly state what you need from her in order for the relationship to continue.
Let her know that if she lies or cheats again that you will end the relationship. More importantly, mean it you know that you cant go on in a relationship worrying and wondering if shes lying or cheating on you. Trust is an essential foundation to any relationship.

6) Accept whats happened and move on.
Theres a saying: Theres no use in burying the hatchet if youre just going to dig it back up again.
People make mistakes and relationships have ups and downs. If your girlfriend truly wants to fix the relationship with you and move on, then you need to have the conversation, get on the same page, then move on.
If you cant accept whats happened and move on from it, then your relationship will constantly be tainted by her lying or cheating behavior and, over time, your distrust in her will erode the quality of your relationship.
Forgiveness and acceptance is not for the other person. Its for you. Many people make the mistake of not forgiving the other person in the relationship because they dont want to just let them off the hook.
The truth is that when you dont forgive, you end up torturing yourself endlessly with something thats already over and done with in the past. If youve learned your lesson and said what you needed to say, then keeping the past alive will do nothing but cause you unnecessary pain.

It wont protect you from making mistakes it will only torture you. So for your own sake, if you want the relationship to continue, learn to accept what happened, forgive your girlfriend and move on. Its possible that it will even lead to a better, stronger understanding and relationship with your girlfriend.

On the other hand, if you cannot find a way to forgive her and accept what happened, it may be best to end the relationship. Granted, acceptance and forgiveness takes time, so do not expect it to happen over time. But you know yourself better than anyone else if you cannot live with being in a relationship with your girlfriend due to something she did that you cannot accept, then ending the relationship may be the best move for both of you.

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My pole dance journey started out as a joke.

My wife’s boss invited us to a Halloween costume party. I didn’t bother to listen to the details when Carol mentioned the party. I dislike costume parties. It was obvious to her that I wasn’t listening. She cut the discussion short by saying that she was going with or without me. I decided that, “going with or without me” translated into, “You are going, or you will regret it.”

The next question was costume. It was then that I thought I had a way to keep from ever being invited to a Halloween costume party again. I decided to go in drag. Bargain hooker Bob.

Shopping was fun. We found makeup, breast forms, size 11 pumps, a mini skirt, and everything you need to make a guy into a very ugly woman.

tzpejoflxfuParty day came, and I found myself standing inside a Denver strip club. Carol’s boss had rented out the top floor of the club for her party. We had to cross the main floor to get to the staircase. There were four women in various states of almost naked, pole dancing on stages. Carol was dressed like a pirate in boots. She took one look at the lay of the land and bolted for the staircase. She left me in a cloud of dust, wondering if I could make it across the main floor without being noticed.

The men didn’t notice. They were focused on the women. But the women picked me up in seconds. They all stopped dancing, looked at me, and started cat-calling like I was the sexiest woman they had ever seen.

I could feel the burn as my face flushed. The MC ran out and stopped me. He looked at me and offered me $25.00 to get up on one of the stages and pole dance. He said I could keep my tips. I laughed, shook my head, and he mercifully let me escape.

My curiosity got the best of me when I got to the top of the stairs. I started watching the women on the poles. They were strong, sexy, and fluid. The seed was planted. The next time someone dared me to pole dance, I figured I would take their money, and at least five one-dollar bills in charity tips.

Four months later, I found myself in shorts and a baggy t-shirt standing in front of a dance pole. It was a private lesson. There wasn’t a studio in the Denver Metropolitan that allowed men in group classes. March 2009.

My learning curve was steep. I lost weight, the hair on my legs, long shorts, and baggy t-shirts. I discovered Karol Helms, Alethea Austin, and JK.

My big joke on my wife’s boss turned into a life-changing event.

nszjmw1olgcOver the years I have learned what it means to literally and figuratively pole dance in women’s shoes. There really isn’t any way to truly describe the transformation in words. I just know that for three years I danced entirely in the company of women.

After a month of private lessons, my teacher realized that I was really serious about learning to pole dance. She introduce me into regular pole classes. The women at the studio were welcoming, and made me feel very comfortable. It was there that my pole journey started in earnest.

I never tried to do strength-based pole tricks. The studio curriculum wasn’t about tricks. It was very much modeled after S-Factor LA. My teacher had danced with Sheila Kelly and JK. I learned hip circles, freestyle dance, and making the connection with my heart and body.

I was totally off balance for a very long time. Men don’t grow up worrying about how their body looks in the mirror. And there I was in pole shorts, figuring out how to dance to the music of Alice in Chains. I was suddenly seeing myself in very different light. I saw myself in the very same eyes that other men use when they objectify women.

I learned vulnerability. When I let go and danced freely, it sometimes hurt. Other times it was scary

After three years at my first studio, I moved on to new studios and started taking private lessons with Estee Zakar. Estee watched me freestyle one day after months of working entirely on tricks. After I finished, she looked at me and said that I really needed to perform in public.

During the spring and summer of 2013, Estee and I choreographed and submitted video entries to the North American Midwest Pole Dance and Colorado Pole Championships. My time on stage in Chicago and Denver showed me that I really loved the dance side of pole dance. I lost all interest in learning advanced pole tricks, and focused on blending ballet and pole dance. Estee has been with me every step of the way.

“I lost all interest in learning advanced pole tricks, and focused on blending ballet and pole dance. “

When I lost interest in pole competitions, I really started to notice a change in how I felt about the erotic side of pole dance. One of the studio’s where I dance opened their Art of Sensual Movement class to men. It is a stripper-style, heels-and-legwarmer class.

I knew that I was probably going to lose a few of my more conservative Facebook friends when I buckled the straps on my first pair of 7 ½” Pleasers. I stood up, scared the hell out of my cats, and wobbled around the house. I actually lost the Facebook friends when I posted a short video clip of me doing my best Sexy in heels to “Cola” by Lana Del Rey.

image-5I don’t know where my pole journey leads. All I know for certain is that I have had to grow a thick skin, and ignore a lot of misogyny in the last seven years. Yes, misogyny. The very same sexism that cuts women, also hurts men who pole dance.

But the struggle has been worth it. Mainly for the moments between the poles on big stages, and the very first time I danced for a woman. I learned to lap dance in my co-ed Art of Sensual Movement pole class. I will always remember that moment when I made eye contact with my partner and gave her my best “Magic Mike” hip rolls and leg shots. And then I slid up onto her lap. I felt attractive in a way that I had never experienced.

For me, pole dance is all about emotional and physical strength. I will be forever thankful for the women who have shared their pole journeys with me.

That First Pair of Platform Heels

When I lost interest in pole competitions, I really started to notice a change in how I felt about the erotic side of pole dance. One of the studio’s where I dance opened their Art of Sensual Movement class to men. It is a stripper-style, heels-and-legwarmer class.

I knew that I was probably going to lose a few of my more conservative Facebook friends when I buckled the straps on my first pair of 7 ½” Pleasers. I stood up, scared the hell out of my cats, and wobbled around the house. I actually lost the Facebook friends when I posted a short video clip of me doing my best Sexy in heels to “Cola” by Lana Del Rey.

I don’t know where my pole journey leads. All I know for certain is that I have had to grow a thick skin, and ignore a lot of misogyny in the last seven years. Yes, misogyny. The very same sexism that cuts women, also hurts men who pole dance.

But the struggle has been worth it. Mainly for the moments between the poles on big stages, and the very first time I danced for a woman. I learned to lap dance in my co-ed Art of Sensual Movement pole class. I will always remember that moment when I made eye contact with my partner and gave her my best “Magic Mike” hip rolls and leg shots. And then I slid up onto her lap. I felt attractive in a way that I had never experienced.

For me, pole dance is all about emotional and physical strength. I will be forever thankful for the women who have shared their pole journeys with me.

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escort in Riga, Latvia
December 16th, 2016 by admin

Riga is a favourite tourist destination in the modern day Europe. It is well known for sex tourism. Riga is rich in Baltic beauties who match the rhythm of the beautiful streets and the festive air of Latvia. Thus, Latvia is a worth visiting for its paid sex industry and nightlife parties in clubs and dance floors. This article offers guidance on how to find an escort in Riga.

riga-stripclubStriptease clubs and erotic Nightclubs

Strip clubs are probably the most straightforward approach you can take to find an escort in Riga. Several renowned stripclubs offer exclusive access to escorts in Riga. Dolls is one the most distinctive nightclubs in Riga. It is located near the National Opera under the Hotel De Rome. Cleopatra comes in second at the centre of Riga city. Glamour and Monroe are the last on the list of top renowned nightclubs in which you can find escorts in Riga. These clubs offer a wide array of services such as erotic massage, private dance, and striptease. Do not pick invitations to these clubs, since the guys issuing them are con artists who rip off tourists. Just go to the clubs independently.

Escort Agencies

Although Riga is popular for sex tourism, it does not have many, well-established escort agencies. However, DreamGirlsRiga is Riga’s trusted escort agency that offers exclusive incall service to its clients. Riga VIP Escorts is the surest agency through which you can find escorts in Riga.

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The next time you’re at a massage parlor and you get asked if there’s any part of your body you would like to get massed, be sure to place the massage therapists hand on that spot. The reason massage parlors use this “speech” is to protect themselves from law enforcement since you’re not actually paying them in exchange for a hand job. If you “tip” the massage therapist, they are usually more willing to massage things like your penis and remove some of their clothing for you.

Also, you should never use the word hand job, rather hand release is more politically correct and will help you look less like law enforcement.

Remember that the next time and make sure to tip your masseuse.

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Los Angeles being famous for its travel and other activities is also famous for pleasure services. Pleasure services such as Escorts facility where a person can feel the heaven touch love from a person and forgets about all its problems. Now when you think of Los Angeles escorts service providers or you wish to select an agency for your happiness and pleasure, you must be aware of certain facts which are necessary for a person to know about escort agencies before choosing them. When you will find about the best in Los Angeles which provide services you will find the name of DreamGirlsLosAngeles at the top of the queue.

escorts-laLos Angeles escorts provide sexy models, professional Los Angeles escorts which are best in their field. Los Angeles escorts follow its success criteria. Lets find out the key factors on which we are best service providers in Los Angeles:

Satisfaction of the customers:

DreamGirlsLosAngeles believes its performance and seek its grooming based on satisfaction of the customers and pleasure meter of the clients. Our main goal is to make our client happy by our service at every meeting so that once a customer deals with us never forgets us. Our success resides in the relationship with our clients as we believe if our client is happy and satisfied no one can compete us.

Professionally trained Artists:

Making love is an art and when a client prefers to choose our services we ensure that he after meeting is fully satisfied with our models. Our Los Angeles escorts are fully trained and they know how to pleasure a client well fulfill his demands with their erotic performance to give a never forgetting experience to the visitor and earn a thank you from our customer. Every thank you and a smile after meeting counts for us as it is our collection.

los-angeles-escortsPleasuring Giving attitude:

Our utmost and final goal is to give the best experience to our clients therefore we a strongly recommend to our respect Los Angeles escorts to fulfill the fantasy of the client. We also request to our honorable every client also maintains the dignity of our Los Angeles escorts as well as we don’t think every meeting as a deal but expect a never ending relationship from our clients.

Privacy of our service:

As we see every meeting as a relationship, we pay attention to the privacy of our both Los Angeles escort and our client’s privacy. As it is important for both of their social life. We seek to every client’s privacy and take full responsibility of their privacy. DreamGirlsLosAngeles believes in healthy relationship with the customers as their successful pleasure meter defines and guides our way towards success which maintains us on top of the service provider agencies.

Don’t think just call us. We bet you will cherish every moment with our top Los Angeles escorts and have a never forgetting experience given by us. We are waiting for call HURRY UP!!

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Brunettes are beautiful in a very dark, enigmatic way. Blondes are always loved by
men all over the world but if you want a companion who can offer you an intimate
experience, then brunette San Diego escorts would be the best for you. These
escorts are exceptionally gorgeous and sexy and they are very passionate. These
escorts are also experts at intimacy and they would be the best candidates if you want
to experience a very intimate night. Brunette San Diego escorts can be easily found
at almost every single escort agency since these girls are very popular with men.

Experience intimacy like never before

beautiful-brunetteIf you have been single for quite some time now and are longing for some intimacy,
then brunette San Diego escorts would be the best for you. These girls are chosen
by men from all over the world mainly because of this quality that they have and
when you spend time with them you would be able to understand just why men adore
these ladies so much. These girls are immensely sexy and beautiful. However, they
are also just as loving, warm and very caring. When you spend time with them you
would not feel awkward since they can put you at ease instantly.

Finding brunettes in San Diego

brunette-girlIn order to find brunette San Diego escorts in the city, you will have to approach
an escort agency. Although there are also quite a lot of independent brunette escorts,
it is easier to find them through an agency. Since there are quite a lot of agencies in
San Diego, you would have to spend some time trying to short list the ones that
seem suitable for you. There are a few factors that you will have to base your decision
on like the reputation of the agency, privacy, professionalism, variety of services as
well as experience. Select an escort that would be able to provide you all the services
that you want.

It would be best to first spend some time getting to know your escort and getting
comfortable with each other. This can be easily done by first meeting for a short
date. You can meet your escort for coffee so that you would be able to get to know
each other. This would ensure that you would be comfortable when you meet later.
Brunette San Diego escorts are sexy ladies that can offer you intimacy.

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June 23rd, 2016 by admin

If you are looking for an escort in Las Vegas, then be pretty sure you will get all kinds. The Las Vegas escorts are among the best in the world, but that does not mean you go getting escorts from every place that says they offer escorts. Getting an escort from a well-registered agency presents you the best option of getting someone who is legitimate and will offer you the experience of your life. However, when it comes to Las Vegas escorts on Backpage, take a pause and think twice before calling that number. There are various risks clients face for hiring an escort from Backpage.

6486869_GIt pays to be cautious when hiring escorts as some can be con looking to swindle some money. Getting an escort from a reliable site where they work under some agency is the best option. Backpage escorts are unregulated and pose various risks to clients. These are people you call directly without an agency and might not be able to trace them in case something happens. Most of the girls in Las Vegas Backpage are untested making them a major worry in transmitting the STDs. Well, to have the best times in Vegas, you need the company of a beautiful, good girl, but this does not mean you go ahead picking anybody you get in the Backpage. The Las Vegas girls in the Backpage are no better than blind dates. They can transmit sexually transmitted diseases as they work independently and are untested.

backpage-escortsThe case is different when it comes to agencies where the girls are tested and work through the agency. There is also the risk of getting into police sting operations when working through the Backpage. Let’s get really! We all know these women are no different from the prostitutes in the nightclubs, bars, and clubs. These women are selling their bodies for money although it is never stated so just to avoid been arrested. Getting arrested for prostitution can get you a serious sentence. Picking any random numbers of escorts from the Backpage can get you arrested if a sting operation is taking place by the cops. We all know Sting operations do take place from time to time as the police look to arrest the king pings of prostitution better known as the pimps. In most cases, the police are never interested in the people involved. They are looking for the pimps who are in charge of the girls. However, this does not mean getting caught in the middle of these cannot put you in trouble.

The Backpage are not run by the cops but then they can easily be used by the cops to get people arrested. The case is different when it comes to agencies where people call to have escort services. The escorts are hired legally with most of the agencies registered. The agencies look to cater for the needs of the escorts and the clients unlike in the Backpage where things are not regulated. The prices on Backpage can also be pretty high or low as they are not fixed. You can get a good escort from a Backpage, but then they are not the best places to look for a good escort.

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June 17th, 2016 by admin

A few nights ago we fooled around and Sam was in a loving mood while I wanted to be treated roughly. It was nice but not quite what would get me super hot. I expressed this to him later, knowing that my ongoing illness could have encouraged him to be gentle with me. Last night he was in a rougher mood, much to my delight.

As he looked over the items I put out on the bed when I set up for sex, I had a funny thought. You know the show Iron Chef? There was a Japanese original then Food Network did an American version. The chefs went head to head, having to make up a complete meal using the secret ingredient for the episode. I thought that Iron Dom could be a good show – various toys are set out and the competing Doms have to create a scene using all items. The one who makes the hottest and most creative scene wins. I will accept money from anyone who wants to use my idea. Contact me to negotiate. 😉

Sam put the wrist cuffs on me and connected them using one of the connector straps I have. Then he delightedly delved into the bag of clothespins – we had just watched some porn that featured the use of clothespins. He placed one on my left outer labia, one each on my nipples and then decided he wanted to blindfold me. I hadn’t set out the Liberator blindfold, but I remembered I had a sleep mask in the drawer right next to the bed. It put it on.

He proceeded to add more clothespins to my breasts, leading from the nipples in towards the center of my chest. The clothespins had the right amount of bite to get me really hot. He continued rubbing my clit through my satiny panties like he had done while we watched the porn on the sofa earlier. He slapped at the various clothespins, tweaked the ones on my nipples and I delighted in the tolerable pain. He started slapping my face as he made me come. He pressed the magic wand to my clit.

He hovered over me after, cuddling me, rubbing his cock against my pussy. “I want you to fuck me, Sir,” I proclaimed. He wasn’t ready, so we ended up with more cuddling as I caught my breath.

I played with his thighs and butt while he stroked his cock. Before long he was hard. He grabbed a condom while I stroked my clit, and he watched for a while, mesmerized. He’s told me he likes watching me play with myself and I’ve finally come to realize how useful it can be when we’re preparing to fuck.

He fucked me roughly. His fat cock filled my pussy and I just focused on how full it felt. I came before long and he fucked me hard making me come and come and come. When he pulled out, he grabbed the magic wand again and held it to my clit. The sensation was so intense I had the fleeting thought, “I might pass out from this.” I used to worry about passing out during sex, until Sam reassured me that

  • a) as a doctor he’d know what to do and
  • b) once I passed out and went limp normal breathing would resume.

I decided to just go with it if it happened.

It didn’t happen, but I did get to the point where my clit was so sensitive to the pounding vibrations of the wand that I had to say, “I don’t think I can take any more!” I didn’t want to stop, but it was too intense to handle.

I was such happy camper for him to go all rough Dom on me again.

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June 17th, 2016 by admin

OMG, just look at this amazing dick pic!


Or this one:


Did you see all of the dick pics?

Are you laughing your ass off?

I just discovered this Tumblr, and I can’t get enough of it. Besides being funny and creative, there’s something endearing about a man not afraid to poke a bit of fun at his dick.

I find it refreshing. Too many men seem to want women to take their dicks oh so seriously.

My husband’s ability to laugh at his own cock (as well as various mishaps during sex) has always been endearing to me.

By contrast, my previous boyfriend gave me a panicked, stricken look when I first saw him naked – a look that screamed “Please don’t laugh at me.” I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling.

Just about every woman who’s spent time on a dating site has received an unsolicited dick pic – or seen one as a guy’s profile picture. Most of us don’t appreciate it.

I’ve actually never met a penis in person that I didn’t like, but I’m more interested in the guy attached to it. I want to get to know him a little before I look at his cock.

Plus, when a man “leads with his dick,” women get the impression he doesn’t want to put the time or effort into getting to know her. He just wants her to ride the ride.

But I have to say I love Little Guy, the star of Things My Dick Does. (The man attached to Little Guy shows a healthy amount of self-confidence just giving his penis that nickname.)

He’s just – shall I say it? Adorable. I can’t wait to see what he’ll get up to next.

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