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A few nights ago we fooled around and Sam was in a loving mood while I wanted to be treated roughly. It was nice but not quite what would get me super hot. I expressed this to him later, knowing that my ongoing illness could have encouraged him to be gentle with me. Last night he was in a rougher mood, much to my delight.

As he looked over the items I put out on the bed when I set up for sex, I had a funny thought. You know the show Iron Chef? There was a Japanese original then Food Network did an American version. The chefs went head to head, having to make up a complete meal using the secret ingredient for the episode. I thought that Iron Dom could be a good show – various toys are set out and the competing Doms have to create a scene using all items. The one who makes the hottest and most creative scene wins. I will accept money from anyone who wants to use my idea. Contact me to negotiate. 😉

Sam put the wrist cuffs on me and connected them using one of the connector straps I have. Then he delightedly delved into the bag of clothespins – we had just watched some porn that featured the use of clothespins. He placed one on my left outer labia, one each on my nipples and then decided he wanted to blindfold me. I hadn’t set out the Liberator blindfold, but I remembered I had a sleep mask in the drawer right next to the bed. It put it on.

He proceeded to add more clothespins to my breasts, leading from the nipples in towards the center of my chest. The clothespins had the right amount of bite to get me really hot. He continued rubbing my clit through my satiny panties like he had done while we watched the porn on the sofa earlier. He slapped at the various clothespins, tweaked the ones on my nipples and I delighted in the tolerable pain. He started slapping my face as he made me come. He pressed the magic wand to my clit.

He hovered over me after, cuddling me, rubbing his cock against my pussy. “I want you to fuck me, Sir,” I proclaimed. He wasn’t ready, so we ended up with more cuddling as I caught my breath.

I played with his thighs and butt while he stroked his cock. Before long he was hard. He grabbed a condom while I stroked my clit, and he watched for a while, mesmerized. He’s told me he likes watching me play with myself and I’ve finally come to realize how useful it can be when we’re preparing to fuck.

He fucked me roughly. His fat cock filled my pussy and I just focused on how full it felt. I came before long and he fucked me hard making me come and come and come. When he pulled out, he grabbed the magic wand again and held it to my clit. The sensation was so intense I had the fleeting thought, “I might pass out from this.” I used to worry about passing out during sex, until Sam reassured me that

  • a) as a doctor he’d know what to do and
  • b) once I passed out and went limp normal breathing would resume.

I decided to just go with it if it happened.

It didn’t happen, but I did get to the point where my clit was so sensitive to the pounding vibrations of the wand that I had to say, “I don’t think I can take any more!” I didn’t want to stop, but it was too intense to handle.

I was such happy camper for him to go all rough Dom on me again.

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